Guardians of the What?

In 2008, few would’ve believed that by 2012, we’d have 2 Iron Man movies, a Hulk movie, a Thor movie, and a Captain America movie, all amounting to the penultimate comic book movie experience: an Avengers movie. Not only did it happen, but they were all really good!

And Disney/Marvel had no plans to stop there. At 2012’s San Diego Comic Con, they unveiled plans for Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America sequels, and two NEW properties: Ant-man and the Guardians of the Galaxy.

The Guardians of the What? After a quick Google search, I discovered maybe the oddest comic book team-up I’d ever heard of. A talking, gun-weilding raccoon? A giant, sentient tree? Huh??

The initial thought of a movie about this group of intergalactic protectors in the same cinematic universe as Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man and Chris Evans’ Captain America seemed way too bizarre for me. How could this ever be for adults? Well, I did some more research and realized the Guardians are pretty freakin’ awesome. They’re essentially a ragtag group of SPACE AVENGERS!

Cue The Guardian Log. As I delve into the team’s history via the original comics, I plan to use The Guardian Log as a diary of sorts, keeping track of characters and story arcs, as well as any tidbits, fun facts, and behind the scenes material I come across, so if you’re new to the Guardians, you’re in luck. So am I. Hope you enjoy it.


2 thoughts on “Guardians of the What?

  1. Hi…came here from The Aquaman Shrine. Also have my own blog, Heroclixin’ ( devoted to the F.U.N. that is HeroClix.

    I mention that because I’d never have become a fan of the Guardians if not for HeroClix. But not only did I play a lot of games starring the team (and write a lot of blog posts about those games), but their title became one of my all-time favorites!

    I have yet to reread the series it to see if it’s aged well. Perhaps I’ll use this blog as an excuse to do so!

  2. Thanks for checking out the Log! Glad to hear you’re a Guardians fan! They’re super fun to read and I’m so fortunate to have been clued into them at such a good time.

    I don’t know ANYTHING about HeroClix, but I’m always interested to learn about new games and things, so I’ll definitely be checking out your blog as well.

    Thanks again for stopping by!

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