Guardians of the Galaxy #5 (Vol. 2)


“Deception” by Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning, and Paul Pelletier

With Drax’s whereabouts unknown, Star-Lord and the rest of the Guardians are finding it increasingly difficult to find favor with Knowhere’s administrative council. Despite Star-Lord’s pleas to allow his own people to find Drax, the council have sent a few of their own to track him down. Skrull or not, Drax is a killer and the Guardians have been nothing but trouble since they arrived.

Deep in the inner workings of Knowhere, we catch up with Massdriver, Brightstorm, and Impact, the three warriors the council has tasked with finding Drax. Unfortunately for them, Drax finds them first and has no intentions of just letting them pass by…

GotG2 GotG3GotG4

Drax’s actions only create more problems between the Guardians and the council. Before things get out of hand, Cosmo pulls rank and sends everyone to their respective quarters until everything’s sorted out.

Finally, with a moment to talk, Rocket breaks things down for Star-Lord. And Quasar makes a noble decision.

GotG5 GotG6 GotG7

While Adam Warlock is in Knowhere’s cerebellum, trying to use it to flush out any remaining Skrulls that might be in hiding, Quasar finds Drax.


Back at the Guardians’ Control Center, Peter Quill has found out where Quasar went, and is none too happy about it, but Gamora stands her ground, insisting that if they are going to succeed as a team, they need to start acting like one and trusting each other instead of turning on each other in times of crisis. Suddenly…

GotG9 GotG10 GotG11

Meanwhile, on the Delegation Habitat Level, Cosmo is meeting with some mysterious guests when Adam Warlock interrupts.


Before Adam Warlock and Cosmo can get into it, though, Drax reveals his master plan.

GotG13 GotG14

WHOA! Okay, so I’ve read enough comics to know that no one is going to die (probably), but man, what a cliffhanger! With everyone kind of going in their own direction, I’m curious to see what ultimately brings this group of heroes together. They’ve been struggling to work as a team from the very beginning and there’s still Star-Lord’s dirty little secret. What’s going to happen once that gets out?

Despite a plot that’s more or less by the numbers, I liked that Abnett and Lanning were able to focus on Drax a little more. He’s a team member we haven’t really gotten to know very well so far and here, we get to see him to what he does best: kick ass.

It was also nice to see Quasar assert herself as well. I feel like she’s largely existed to fill out some of the panels up to this point, but here, she gets her moment to take charge of a situation when she ignores Star-Lord to go out to find Drax herself.

Just one more issue left in the “Secret Invasion” arc. Then we can hopefully get back to the  much more interesting Universal Church of Truth and Starhawk/Major Victory story arcs. Those are the ones I’m really looking forward to.


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