Who’s Who: Adam Warlock

Adam WarlockAdam Warlock, created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, first appeared in Fantastic Four #66 (in cocoon form) and #67 (in human form) in 1967. Originally, he was known as Him, but was changed to Adam Warlock by Roy Thomas and Gil Kane for Marvel Pemiere #1 in 1972.

From then on, he appeared in his own limited run series The Power of Warlock, as well as Strange Tales, until his revival in the ’90s where he was an integral part of defeating Thanos in The Infinity Gauntlet and regularly appeared in the subsequent series’ Warlock and the Infinity Watch, Infinity War, Infinity Crusade, and The Infinity Abyss before Annihilation and Annihilation: Conquest.

Adam Warlock is a synthetic being created by The Enclave as a prototype for an ideal race of humans who would rule the Earth. After emerging from his cocoon, he was able to sense his creators’ corruption and rebelled. Originally known as Him, it wasn’t until he met The Hight Evolutionary that he received the name Adam.

His super powers include manipulating energy, creating force fields, teleporting, traveling faster than light and detecting wormholes and other irregularities in space using quantum magic.


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