Guardians of the Galaxy #7 (Vol. 2)


“No Future” by Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning, and Paul Pelletier

With the current Guardians disbanded, we go ahead, 1,000 years into the future, where Starhawk tells us that the Earth is under attack, and on the verge of extinction thanks to the alien Badoon. The only thing standing in their way are the Guardians of the Galaxy!


There’s Charlie-27, a bioengineered man built to withstand the gravity of Jupiter; Martinex, a bioengineered man built to withstand Pluto’s sub-zero temperatures and channel thermal radiation; Vance Astro (Major Victory!); Yondu, a bowhunter from Centauri; and their leader, Starhawk.

Unfortunately, they are not enough to save the people of Earth. An error in the coadunate pattern of time obliterates everything, however Starhawk was able to trace the rift in time back to the present day. She explains that the uncertainty of the future is what has caused her to change form when she travels back and forth. She has been a man, woman, old and young.

When Cosmo attempts to read into her mind to see the future she speaks of,  there is nothing there. Starhawk needs to speak to the Guardians before it’s too late, but the ones who are left (and a few others) are away on an important mission on Benthus Colony.



Well, whaddya know! Rocket Raccoon is holding together an even more ragtag team of heroes than what we’ve already seen. Mantis has been promoted to active duty; Groot (remember him?) has regenerated enough biomass to be useful; Bug, a friend of Rocket’s, is chipping in; and Major Victory, mostly because he’s good in a fight and hasn’t been a threat so far.

The creatures they are fighting, Major Victory realizes, are zoms, slave troops of the badoon, which doesn’t mean much to Rocket Raccoon. He’s never known them to be much more than a minor threat. Little does he know about the badoon of the future. Major Victory explains that in his time, the badoon have conquered the universe. Suddenly, Rocket feels out of his depth.


On the other side of the galaxy, we catch up with Adam Warlock and Gamora. Adam has decided he needs to know more about the Universal Church of Truth, and Gamora has agreed to help.


On the other other side of the universe, Drax and Quasar have reached a planet of soothsayers and are looking for a girl named Cammi. Cammi is a girl from Earth who Drax brought into space, but lost during Annihilation: Conquest. One of the soothsayers, asks them about an upcoming war.


Back on Benthus Colony, things just keep getting worse for Rocket and the gang.


Where’s Peter Quill when you really need him?



What I loved about this issue is that it goes back to basics, reading much like issue #1, except this time, we know most of the characters. In almost every scene, someone is fighting someone. It’s the sort of stuff that hooked me in the first place. It established who everyone is and addresses all of the major plot threads pretty quickly, and the action never lets up. And best of all, we FINALLY get a good look at Groot! I mean, who can’t get behind a giant sentient tree who can beat the crap out of something? I really hope he stays a prominent member of the team for a while. My guess is when the original team gets back together, one or two might decide to stay on their own (maybe Quasar?).

For the time being, though, I’m enjoying seeing them all out on their own, dealing with their own individual conflicts, rather than the big picture stuff we’ve seen so far. I’m looking forward to learning more about Adam Warlock’s connection with the Universal Church of Truth, as well as seeing Drax find redemption by locating Cammi.

It’s issues like this that make me feel like a kid again, and remind me how much fun reading comics can be. I just hope Dan Abnett stay on this course and continue to keep it fun, without getting stale or derivative.


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