Who’s Who: Bug

BugBug, created by Bill Mantlo and Michael Golden, first appeared in Micronauts #1 in 1979, a comic series based on a line of action figures put out by Takara Co, Ltd. He was originally known as Galactic Warrior, but Marvel changed his name in the fourth issue due to the fact that his likeness in the comic was nothing at all like the action figure he was based on.

Though there were plans for Bug to have his own solo title, they fell through and further attempts to reintroduce him with the rest of the Micronauts proved unsuccessful as well, though they did make a handful of appearances in Cable #39  in 1997 and issues of Captain Marvel in 2000-2001.

Like the rest of the Guardians, he made appearances in Annihilation: Conquest – Star-Lord and Annihilation: Conquest before being featured in the subsequent Guardians of the Galaxy series.

Bug has the ability to cling to walls and is highly agile. He has exceptional sight as well as extremely heightened perception, similar to Spider-man’s “Spider Sense.” He is also able to communicate with other beings with antennae, due to his own antennae.


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