Guardians of the Galaxy #10 (Vol. 2)


“Blastaared!” by Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning, and Brad Walker

With 42 breached by Blastaar and his army, Peter Quill and Jack Flag continue to hold them off, however, time is starting to run out and they know it.


Most of the prisoners surrender, in the hopes that their lives will be spared. Without any backup or extra ammo, Quill and Flag retreat. Unfortunately, they run into Flag’s former henchmen, who aren’t too happy about being knocked out last issue.

Meanwhile, outside the prison walls, Rocket and the Guardians are fighting their own battle, while trying to find Quill.


Using her mentat abilities, Mantis locates Quill. The Guardians are then transferred by Cosmo, who’s still back on Knowhere. They arrive just in time to kick some ass and save Quill and Flag. They all get a moment to rest, but, of course, more trouble is right around the corner.


Just as Blastaar and his army burst through the wall, the Guardians are transported back to Knowehere.

Meanwhile, Adam Warlock and Gamora pay a little visit to the Universal Church of Truth…

GotG5 GotG6

After Adam Warlock and Gamora leave, the Matriarch is ready to call shenanigans on Adam’s news. After all, the very existence of the cocoon that resides in the Church should prove that he is a false messiah. Though her attendants require another month or two before they can open the cocoon, the Matriarch orders that it be opened immediately.

Back in The Negative Zone, Blastaar intends to break through 42’s dimensional portal to Earth. And he knows just the man for the job: Skeleton Ki. Back on the Earth side of the portal, Star-Lord explains exactly why the portal needs to stay shut.


(5 bucks says the movie will end with a line like that.)

Jack Flag, whose legs have been repaired by the doctors on Knowhere, decides to stay with the Guardians for a while, since returning to Earth would mean instant incarceration for him. Turns out the “cosmic stuff” might be starting to grow on him.

Major Victory returns to where Starhawk is being held…


You know, I’m starting to wonder just when the Adam Warlock/Gamora and Drax/Quasar arcs are going to amount to something. Itt seems like they’re just being dragged along until Abnett and Lanning figure out how to pay them off. I suppose those aspects of the book will tie into the War of Kings event more than the adventures of Peter Quill and the Guardians of the Galaxy, but so far, they’ve been a bit of a bore.

The best parts of this issue are, of course, those involving the battle at the prison. Peter Quill is finally reunited with his team, which looks a little different than it did when he left it, and they are starting to function much better as a unit. There’s still that element of unpredictability, though (like Cosmo transporting them to the exact place they don’t want to be), which makes them a lot of fun to read. I know Bug and Jack Flag are supposed to be temporary, but I enjoy what they bring to the team. I also hope Mantis stays on as an active member as well.

Side note: Much better art this week! No one looked like a melted action figure! Hooray!


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