Guardians of the Galaxy #12 (Vol. 2)


“Sacrifice” by Abnett & Lanning, and Craig

When last we saw our heroes, Drax and Phyla-vell were stranded in Oblivion, a sort of in-between world on the edge of the universe. Kind of like Limbo. There, they ran into the villain Maelstrom, who gained control of Phyla-vell’s quantum bands. Now, Maelstrom plans to offer them as a sacrifice to the Dragon of the Moon.

This issue opens with a dream sequence, where a memory of Heather, the friend of Phyla-vell who was used as a vessel for the Dragon of the Moon on Earth, urges Phyla not to let it use her too.

Upon waking up, she sees that Maelstrom has Drax and her suspended in the air, over the humongous pit, containing the dragon, which is just starting to wake up. Despite Drax’s promises to gut Maelstrom when he gets free, Phyla is released into the jaws of the dragon.


Before Maelstrom can get a chance to feed Drax as well, something or someone, rushes toward him.


It’s Wendell Vaughn, the previous Quasar, who was killed by Annihilus. Since he wore the quantum bands for so long, he is linked to them. When he sensed the death of the user (Phyla), he came a-running. Unfortunately he has returned in a quantum light form…and the bands control quantum light.

But Wendell Vaughn isn’t all Maelstrom has to worry about…



Just as the dragon rears its ugly head, and Drax and Vaughn begin to scramble, a red orb of light surrounds the dragon and something cuts itself out with a glowing sword.


Phyla-vell, still alive and sporting a new wardrobe, brings Heather (also still alive) back down to the ground. Vaughn offers the to return the quantum bands back to Phyla, however, she rejects them. She has new powers now (these aren’t explained yet).

Vaughn has some unfinished business to attend to, but first, he’s not exactly sure how to get the rest of them out of Oblivion. Heather reassures him they’ll be fine. They just need to wake up.

GotG7 GotG8

Two hours later, in Oblivion, Maelstrom’s detached limbs find their way back to him…

GotG9 GotG10

Okay, well, that ends a two issue detour that dealt with some remaining plot threads from (I’m guessing) Annihilation: Conquest. Anyone who read my thoughts on issue #11 knows how I feel about all of this. I’m just glad the gang will be back together next issue, with the addition of Moondragon, it would seem.


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