Blast from the Past!: Marvel Preview #7

Marvel Preview #7

In the summer of 1976, Marvel released Marvel Preview #7, featuring a haunting depiction of Satana on the cover. This particular issue included five stories including: “Why a Devil’s Daughter…?”, “Damnation Waltz” (the Satana story), “From the Devil, A Daughter”, and “Just Over a Year Ago Today,”  but among all the devils and daughters and ellipses, there was a continuation of a story that began just 3 issues prior in Marvel Preview #4 (Star-Lord’s debut): “The Sword in the Star! Stave 2: Witchworld,” where fans got their first glimpse of Rocket Raccoon (then known as Rocky). Marvel’s official synopsis for this story is as follows:

“Continuation and the last chapter (incomplete) of The Star in the Sword! saga. Here Prince Wayfinder comes to the mysterious planet known as Witch-World, a strange planet that appears as a big forest. Here he meets Rocket Raccoon, who allied with Wayfinder when a monstrous tree, the Plagueosaur, appears. After the Plageosaur’s defeat and death, a mystical being called Kirke appears. “

So, before he met Groot, Rocket aided in the destruction of a different monstrous tree character. That’s interesting. You know, I’d really like to see if I can get my hands on this “The Sword in the Star!” series. As far as I know, Rocket Raccoon is the biggest thing to come from it, but it could be fun.


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