Guardians of the Galaxy #14 (Vol. 2)


“To the Death” by Abnett & Lanning, and Walker

Previously, in Guardians of the Galaxy #13, the Guardians split up into two teams, one led by Peter Quill, and one led by Rocket Raccoon, in an attempt to make peace between the Inhuman Royal Family and the Shi’ar empire respectively. The Inhumans seemed uninterested in making peace, and the Shi’ar flagship was teleport shielded, leaving Rocket and his crew stranded, only to be picked up by a group called the Starjammers. Adam Warlock, however, was able to get past the teleport shield, and found himself aboard the Shi’ar ship alone to face the Shi’ar emperor, Vulcan.

GotG2 GotG3

In the royal city of Attilan, Kala, Peter Quill and his crew continue their attempts to convince the Inhumans to stand down against the Shi’ar. Even Bug get’s to try.

GotG4 GotG6 GotG5

Well, it looks like Phyla-vell has lost her damn mind. Back on Knowhere, Cosmo and Mantis are having trouble locating the Guardians, though that’s pretty much par for the course for these guys. Moondragon, meanwhile is having visions of Starhawk.

Back to the Shi’ar flagship, Adam Warlock struggles against Vulcan. Also, he’s purple.


Vulcan’s magicians try to contain him, but to no avail.


Though he manages to get away, Vulcan’s men were able to attach a witch-mark to Warlock before his escape, allowing them to track him no matter where he goes. Uh oh.

Before the Inhumans can execute Quill and his team, Medusa’s sister Crystal pleads with them to hear them out. Unfortunately, Phyla-vell has, once again, lost control of herself.

GotG9 GotG11 GotG10

Quill calls in to Cosmo to have them teleported back to Knowhere, where Adam Warlock has just reappeared, noticing the witch-mark. Quill and the gang return to Knowhere, Quill furious as ever and Phyla-vell with her new hostage. Before they can sort everything out, though, both the Inhumans and the Shi’ar arrive.


Things just keep getting worse and worse for the Guardians. With the war now at their doorstep, they’ve seriously got their work cut out. It’s too bad Rocket, Groot, Major Victory and Drax are out in the middle of space with the Starjammers. The Guardians could really use that kind of muscle right now.

I’ve already expressed my dissatisfaction with the way this series only ever seems to be used as a tie-in for a larger story, and rarely tries to stand on its own, but this book at least put the Guardians at the heart of the issue, giving us a front row seat for the potential destruction of the universe. I like that.

Though most of this issue is reserved for brawling, we do get to see the first real signs that something is definitely wrong with Phyla-vell. First, everyone agreed that the name change from Quasar to Martyr seemed odd, and now she’s become so reckless, Quill is afraid she could ruin everything. She’s certainly become the opposite of the push-over she was as Quasar, that’s for sure.

Also, as Phyla-vell transforms, we also see a change in Adam Warlock. During his fight with Vulcan, he seemed much more ominous, aggressive and purple! I don’t know what’s going on there, but it can’t be good.

No Rocket Raccoon or Groot this time, so the jokes were scarce, however Gamora did manage to sneak one in at Bug’s expense.

Next issue looks to be like all out war, so there’s something to look forward to!


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