Guardians of the Galaxy #3


by Bendis, and McNiven & Pichelli

Last issue, the Guardians were taken captive by the Spartax because of their involvement in a battle against the Badoon in London, England, disobeying J’son’s (king of Spartax and Star-Lord’s dad) orders to stay away from Earth.


The Guardians are quickly put into stasis chambers, but not before Tony Stark can get a message out to the Avengers, urging them to assemble. Meanwhile, J’son’s men seize all the weapons they can from the Guardians’ ship.


J’son meets with the rest of the galactic leaders in the Negative Zone, and chastises the Badoon leader for deliberately disobeying his orders. The rest, however, are getting just a little fed up with him bossing everyone around.

GotG4 GotG5

Back on the Spartax ship holding the Guardians, the Spartax soldiers seem to remember seeing another Guardian, who they don’t have in captivity…

GotG6 GotG7 GotG8

Once again, the Guardians are saved, in typical Groot fashion. With all of their weapons conveniently stashed in the same room they were being held, they quickly arm themselves and prepare to take over the ship. Gamora, for one, is pretty jazzed about that.

GotG9 GotG10 GotG11

After they completely annihilate the Spartax crew, the Guardians make their way to the bridge, where Star-Lord sends out a transmission to all ships in the Spartax fleet.


Holy cow! What another great, exciting issue from Brian Michael Bendis! If there’s one thing I enjoy about this book, it’s the pacing. Boy, does it move. In three issues, we’ve been introduced to these characters, they’ve gotten into exciting battles, been captured, escaped and that’s only the half of it.

King J’son’s still got some cards up his sleeve. I don’t believe for a second that the Badoon attacked Earth on their own volition. He’s playing some kind of long game I haven’t figured out yet, though I’m sure Peter Quill and his “band of pirates” just screwed that up.

And we got to see the return of Groot! Sure, he was only gone for an issue, but even one issue without some Groot feels too long. He’s not afraid to wreak a little havoc or sacrifice himself for the good of the team. And look at those adorable eyes.


I hope Bendis can keep this up. He’s really doing an excellent job of keeping the Guardians busy with plenty of action set pieces without losing focus of the big picture. And it’s never not fun. I can tell this story’s going to some big places and I can’t wait to get there.


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