The Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Round-Up


JoBlo Confirms Villains and Locations!

This week, posted an article with some pretty spoilery material, so for those of you avoiding spoilers, you might not want to read any further.


The blog published the following excerpt along with some other, equally spoilery stuff about Captain America: The Winter Soldier:

“Keeping with the Marvel slate, our source dropped some information on GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, once again reiterating that Ronan The Accuser WILL be the film’s lead villain and that Thanos does indeed play a large role in the overall scheme of things. In terms of iconic locations, The Guardians will operate out of their base of operations, called Knowhere, a space station with the ability to teleport throughout the universe. Lastly, our source confirmed that there would be no members of THE AVENGERS featured in the film, but that it does take place in the same time/universe as the current phase of films.”

Of course, not much of this information is particularly new, but it does confirm some suspicions. Glad to see they’ll be operating out of Knowhere and that Thanos will be a major part of the movie. To my knowledge, the movie is also supposed to be a stand-alone film that will not feature any cross-over characters, nor will any of the major characters appear in any of the other planned Marvel movies (except probably Thanos), so it doesn’t look like we’ll be getting a Rocket Raccoon/Iron Man team up any time soon. I suppose this past week’s issue of Guardians of the Galaxy will have to be enough. At least there’s that.

You can check out the whole JoeBlo article here.


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