Marvel Announces SDCC 2013 Merch!



If you’re going to this year’s San Diego Comic Con, you’ll be able pick up a Rocket Raccoon iPhone case, a Rocket Raccoon mug (both by Joe Quesada), as well as a whole slew of other things. Check out the list of merchandise at Marvel’s website, here.

They don’t include a photo of the mug, but the iPhone case looks great!


Video: Joss Whedon Talks Guardians of the Galaxy!

the-avengers-joss-whedon-captain-america-shield-image-600x400This week, on the red carpet at the Saturn Awards, Joss Whedon spoke to Collider about Guardians of the Galaxy, as well as the rest of the Marvel line-up! Check out the video below. The video won’t embed, but you can check it out here.

Sneak Peak Of Dave Bautista as Drax!


I’m not sure how I missed it, but James Gunn tweeted a photo of Dave Bautista “getting a facial” (har har) last month.

Obviously, it’s a make-up test. It’s not much, but it’s enough to give me a pretty good idea of what he’ll look like fully made up and I have to say I think it’ll be pretty solid.

Behind the Scenes Set Photo of Rocket Raccoon!

Concept 5

Well, sort of. Last week, director James Gunn, who previously mentioned studying live raccoons for the Guardians of the Galaxy, tweeted a photo of himself with a little furry friend:

Awwwww. What a cute little guy.

So, even though there’s been no official casting news for the voice of Rocket, I’m really glad to see they’re trying to go for a more realistic-looking raccoon, as opposed to some goofy, cartoony raccoon. I’m sure I’ve mentioned that before. I just can’t help but feel giddy looking at James Gunn playing with a little raccoon.

Guardians of the Galaxy #1 Variant Cover by Adi Granov!

Friday, Guardians of the Galaxy scribe Brian Michael Bendis tweeted a variant cover for Guardians of the Galaxy #1:

It’s more or less the same as what we’ve been seeing from the current artists behind the new series, but I like it. Glad to see Rocket Raccoon front and center. It’s still weird to me that Iron Man is a Guardian.